Marty & Jane Weaver

I was only going to Wendy’s for a hamburger, but I came home with a Miata instead. The National Guard isn’t just one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer if you are an infantry battalion commander, and that’s why I was in Logansport the day that sunburst yellow Miata jumped out at me from Mike Raisor’s dealership.

My first sight of a Miata was about 1990 while dining at the rib place that used to be in Indy’s Union Station. I saw a red something convertible rounding the corner, and I jumped up and ran to the window to see what it was. It was love at first sight. I was too tall, and it was too small, or so I thought. Hence, I rented a Miata while on a business trip to Dallas just to convince myself we wouldn’t be right together. How wrong I was.

Fast forward to December 1992. I took a lunch break from my military duties and drove over to Wendy’s—I never made it. The sunburst yellow Miata hooked me as soon as I saw it. Since it was the end-of-the-year clearance, there was no time to waste. I bought it. My wife’s only comment upon seeing it for the first time was “it sure is yellow.” Indeed!

It’s been a happy car, generating smiles, comments, and thumbs-up where ever it goes. It still puzzles me why that car was still on the lot back in 1992, but we’ve put 195,000 miles on it, and the little beast will be in our estate when we go. Jane and I both agree that buying this car was the best money we ever spent.

Jane suggested that I get a new Miata back in 2016, and I didn’t need much convincing, so I leased a new red Miata.  Fortunately, we kept the yellow beast, and boy, am I glad we did.  I mean no offense to owners of the current generation Miata, but I find it wanting, so I’ll turn it in next July way under the programmed mileage. It’s not as much fun as yellow beast.

The photo is in Clayton, New Mexico while on our 1997 Western vacation. When I’m not driving it, I’m cleaning it, and that’s probably why most people think it’s new.