Steve and Kathy Crouse

Kathy and I  purchased our 1999 Miata on March 4, 2000. At that time it had 20,208 miles on it. Today, it has over 152,500 miles! That's only 16,500 miles per year for the eight years we've owned it. Isn't that what you would expect for your primary automobile? After all, I was putting 1000 miles a month on it, just driving to work during the first five years.

Then you have to add the several vacations we've taken in it, mostly to the Smokies and Deal's Gap. One of these trips included an extension to Atlanta, where we did both business and pleasure during the two weeks we were gone.

I would have to say that this has been the most trouble-free auto we've owned. We were looking to put 200K on that odometer, but in 2011 sold this car to another club member and are currently adding miles to Pepe to see if we can become two time members of the 100K club!

picture of steve and kathy crouse in their 1999 Miata.