It's all about the drive, and I started that journey July 2007 with my first Miata, a 91 mariner blue. I bought my second miata, Red, in August of 2009 with 53,880 on the odometer and since then I have traveled over 100,000 miles. In July 2011, I acquired the Sapphire Blue 10th anniversary edition, as a 10th anniversary present. (I've had a few more Miatas for fun in between as well.

Just three years ago, Red became my daily driver through whatever weather was thrown at me throughout the year here in Northwest Indiana. I have enjoyed a lot of road time in my cars from Utah, Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, Connecticut, Colorado and all the states in between. National events have taken me to some of these states along with a few of my own adventures in between. With the club trips and daily driving of several hundred miles a week, I'm well on my way to the next 100,000 miles on Red.

Tim Miller and his red Miata.

But wait! In January of 2017, Tim became the charter member of the 200K Club!  But wait...RIP, Red. Taken out by a hit and run driver in June 2020.