On August 12, 2009 our 1994 Laguna Blue Miata, who is known in our family as 'Blue', turned 100,000 miles! Considering she came to us with '2' miles showing on her odometer and to now have the privilege to enjoy this milestone has been a wonderful life for all of us here. For the past 100,000 miles, I've tried to be the best owner possible. I always fed her right, made her exercise, and have kept her out of trouble by demanding she lead a clean life. Because of this unique relationship we've became one over the years. She knows my touch because I'm the only one to have taken her on this journey since her birth.

We celebrated this monumental event by driving her to the Frost Bite, here in Avon to celebrate the momentous occasion with some ice cream and did a few photos to add to the family album. She was proud and rightly so!

Blue has been a faithful member of the family since she came into our life in August of 1994 when we got her straight off the Speedway Mazda lot on Indy's west side. We joined the Indy Miata Club within days of Blue coming into our lives.

We had her home immediately and spent a little time burping her for her first maiden trip that included a stop at the Mooreland Free Fair, at Mooreland, IN and then on to the east to run the Blue Ridge Parkway from top to bottom.

As time passed, and one journey and then another, she's seen many states and many sites along the way and she's never let us down.

Thanks Blue, we love you!

Ann and Mike in their Miata.