My name is Eric Drumwright and I was the President of the Indy Miata Club (2010). My wonderful wife and navigator is Ann Cole.

I was intrigued by the Miata when I first started reading about it in all the car magazines. I was working as a freelance commercial photographer in New York City at the time and it just wasn't practical. I moved back to the Indy area in 1992, found a full time job, saved enough to buy a house, and started to think about a Miata again! In 1992, we found a red 1990 A-package with a hard top. It had 34,510 miles on the odometer when I bought it in December of 1994. It was born in May 1989. I haven't met anyone with an older one. My car is 20 years old!

We joined the Indy Miata Club in 1997. Our first event was a great introduction to the club! It was the "Small Town Rally", run by Gary and Kathy Collings. Needless to say, we met people that day that have become great friends! The trip that put us "over the top" was also the longest we've ever taken. In July of 2008, we went to visit my ailing father in Hot Springs, Arkansas. By the time we returned home seven days later, we had driven over 1,800 miles!

So far I've been able to do all maintenance on our Miata myself. In addition to easy things like spark plugs, brakes and the like, I've tackled the cam (timing) belt, new springs and shocks, and installed a new clutch and pressure plate. This work was made much easier with advice, parts, and tools from members "Doc" Reynolds and Shane Benson!

Our car now sits in the garage with over 140,000 miles on the odometer, awaiting Spring.

eric and ann in their Miataeric and ann in their Miata