Membership Application

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Membership Application

Rally Master Guide

This is the club's guide for the novice Rally Master. It covers types of rallies, procedures, and more to help you set up an event.

Rally Master Guide

Same guide, but set up for duplex printing.

Rally Master Guide (D)

Club Brochure

Carry this in your car to stick under the windshield of a non-member's Miata to let them know about our club. It's set up to be printed front and back, then folded into thirds.

Club Brochure

Event Waiver

Every Rally Master must have a waiver form for participants to sign.


Tour and Rally Etiquette

A handy guide to remind ourselves of good manners for events. Print out a copy for your glove box!


Club By-laws

The By Laws of the Indy Miata Club. This is how your Club is governed.