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The Tire Squeal 2019

NEW information!  If you would like to drive The Tire Squeal as a group, go to the Details and read thoroughly.

Event Date 06-22-2019 8:00 am
Event Ends 06-23-2019 11:00 pm
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Meet, Greet & Eat @ Tom Roush Mazda

Like a MINGLE, but more!

Event Date 08-10-2019 10:30 am
Event Ends 08-10-2019 5:00 pm
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Artomobilia - Car Corral, Carmel IN


A Miata Corral has been established at the event.  How about joining us in the Corral?

Event Date 08-24-2019 12:00 pm
Event Ends 08-24-2019 5:00 pm
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