Miatas In Moab VI (2020)

The Utah Miata Club will be having another Miatas in Utah event in May 2020. They are getting excited to host another event in scenic Moab, Utah, which is 'red rock' country in Utah. It will be officially called Miatas in Moab VI (6). It will be the 8th major club sponsored event in our state where we invite out-of-state Miata club members. It has been six years since there has been a Miatas in Moab and it will be eight years by the time it kicks off.

With changing venues to Bryce and then two years later at Deer Valley, many Miata people who enjoyed coming to our event in Moab kept asking for us to do another one. It is still in the planning stage and a date and venue will soon be narrowed down by the committee. Once they figure out the basic expenses that we expect to have for the event, they will start to advertise it. They will also limit the Miatas and attendees at this event because a crowd of 300 Miatas and 500+ people are too much to handle.
As more information is provided, this site will be updated. Date shown is tentative.
Here's a report (page 5) from Kathy and Gary Collings about their trip to the Moab area and their report on Miatas in Bryce that was hosted by the Utah Miata Club.

Event Information

Event Date 05-01-2020
Event Ends 05-05-2020