Jim Seebeck

My wife Tina and I joined the Indy Miata Club shortly after we purchase our new “Real Red” 2012 Miata MX-5. This purchase had been a long time dream of one day owning a Miata MX-5. We first fell in love with this car back in 1989 when the first Miata Roadster debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. It took turning 65 before that dream came true though. It was a Birthday present. Tina asked me what I wanted for my birthday, a trip to Maui or a new Miata…….Hummmm…….let’s see, a Maui trip that lasts a week or a Miata that would continue to be fun in the sun for years to come……..you guessed it.

I look forward to serving as your President this year. Zoom Zoom!

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