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Here are some routes we drove in 2005. Click on the event name for a copy of the event.

Remember! Roads can change over time. What was once pavement might now be gravel!

Hidden Drives

Off we go again to Nashville in November, looking for those hidden drives.

Madison Madness

John and Marsha Schaub took us back down to Madison, IN and the Ohio River in October.

Post Tax Blues Rally-Route 1

After leaving Logansport, we followed the Wabash River to Huntington in our annual rally with the Lake Effect club.

Post Tax Blues Rally-Route 2

A variation of the above route. It has some sections run in the opposite direction to confuse drivers when they see Miatas coming at them!

Rags to Riches

Bob Wiley had us on an 85 mile route from Martinsville to Monroe Resevoir.

Skyline Drive

Bruce Hedden set up this route that started in Bloomington and ended up at Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge.

Sweet Owen / Greentucky Rally

We started near Spencer and ended near Spencer as Don Jordan took us sight seeing on a sunny day in September.