Remember that roads can change over time. What was once pavement might now be gravel!

Post Tax Blues Rally

This PTBR was held closer to Indy as we ran around Hendricks county and south to Martinsville.

Rattle Can Rally

This was almost a rerun of the PTBR but without the rain, different roads and we had spray paint. Yeah, the ralliers left their mark!

The Night Before the 500 Mingle

Joan Rabbers (with Ken driving!) led us on a short run through the Carmel area before meeting for dinner.

Tristan & Alexis's Brown County Rally

Tristan and Alexis stepped up to host a rally that took us deep into Brown County, over to Columbus and back to Brown county.

Dream Cars Weekend - North by Northwest

Gary Collings and Eric Drumright put this route together for the Saturday afternoon tour for the Dream Cars Weekend.

Dream Cars Weekend - Tour of Indy

Kathy Collings led us on an informative tour of Indianapolis, starting at W 71St and I-465 and ending on Main Street in Speedway.

Hidden Drives 2015

It was lucky thirteen as we had good roads and good weather! Leaving Trafalgar, we headed through four counties, east and south of Nashville and ended up back in Nashville.