Remember! What was once pavement could now be gravel!

Post Tax Blues Rally

Ken and Sara Kohler turned our annual event into an overnight trip down to French Lick, where, if we were so inclined, could have hit the nearby casino with our tax refund!

Spring it on!

Steve and Kathy Crouse took us on an overnight to Spring Mill State Park and we explored the surrounding area. Look! A shoe tree!

    Saturday Morning     Saturday Afternoon      Sunday

500 Fun Run and Mingle

Tom Lewis took us North from Fishers ending up in Cicero at Alexanders Ice Cream!

Let's go to Marietta!

Our fall trip to Marietta started with this route out of Indy.

Hidden Drives

A big turnout, so we had two different routes in Brown county and the Nashville area.

   Route 1    Route 2