Here are some of the routes we've had adventures in a westerly direction from Indianapolis. Click on the event name for a copy of the event.

Remember! Roads can change over time. What was once pavement might now be gravel!

BBQ Feast / Fun Run 2009

Bob and PK took us on a fun run in Morgan county. Great roads!

Sweet Owen / Greenetucky Rally 2005

We started near Spencer and ended near Spencer as Don Jordan took us sight seeing on a sunny day in September.

Dream Cars weekend - North by Northwest 2015

Gary and Eric put this route together for the Saturday afternoon tour for the Dream Cars Weekend.

Dream Cars weekend - Tour of Indy 2015

Kathy Collings led us on an informative tour of Indianapolis, starting at W 71St and I-465 and ending on Main Street in Speedway.

Ho Hum Fun Run 2009

A run through counties south west of Indy, ending up in Brownsburg.

Last Days of Freedom 2008

Ken and Joan asked us to join them in a rally before their last days of freedom ended with this run heading south and then west to Greencastle.

Late Summer Mardi Gras 2003

Wyatt & Janna Brummet and Rick & Susie Booe started us out in Greencastle and had us finding new roads out west.

Leaf Peeper / Historical Tour 2004

We didn’t leave Marion county for this event but ended up in Speedway, which is kinda west!

Pre Post Tax Blues Rally 2008

The most weather cursed route in the history of IMC. It was a great route even in the rain. We tried to re-run it in June and the event had to be cancelled due to flooding.

Put To Putnam 2009

Steve and Herm take a stab at a rally and we head west for a lot of fun.

Steve moves rallies onto the internet (well, kind of....) and we drive southeast and end up in Greencastle.

Southern Circles 2009

Steve and Herm team up again to make us dizzy and take us to their favorite cafeteria, Poe Brothers.

Sweet Owen / Greenetucky Rally 2005

We started and ended near Spencer as Don Jordan took us sight seeing on a sunny day in September.

There's More Than Corn in Indiana 2012

Ann Cole and Eric Drumwright gave us a fun rally that ran north and west and made us look for things while we drove!

Covered Bridge Rally 2017

This one starts in Terre Haute and ends in Rockville, IN!