Here are some of the routes we've had adventures south of Indianapolis. Click on the event name for a copy of the event.

Remember! Roads can change over time. What was once pavement might now be gravel!

Eastern Back Roads Fun Run 2009

Dan & Lisa Lahrman took us on a fun run way east of Indy, an area we don't go to very often.

Hidden Drives 2010

In 2010, we wandered east of Indy and also had to answer some really hard questions!

Lush & Green 2013

Tom & Laura took us eastern Indiana to run some nice roads and then to a winery.

Not Quite Marietta 2017

Ken & Sara Koehloer couldn't kae the Marietta, OH, so they responded with this rally from NE Indy to Edinburgh (and Marietta!)

Marietta Madness

This pretty much annual event takes place in May/June. If you missed it but are heading to SE Ohio on your own, here's the roads!

International Casino Rally 2016

First time Rally Master Bob Elliott took us on a great tour of international cities here in Indiana!.