Here are some of the routes we've had adventures south of Indianapolis. Click on the event name for a copy of the event.

Remember! Roads can change over time. What was once pavement might now be gravel!

BBQ Feast / Fun Run 2009

Bob and PK took us on a fun run in Morgan county. Great roads!

Cabin Fever 2004

John and Marsha lead us south to Nashville.

Cabin Fever 2006

Another trip to Nashville led by John and Marsha!

Celebration of Fall

Larry and Sabrena put together a great rally that started at SR37 and 144 and ended up at McCormick's Creek State Park (with a hayride).

Deja Vu Cruz 2009

Steve & Kathy Crouse took us on a run down south that was deja vu all over again!

Deja Vu All Over Again 2010

It really was deja vu all over again as the Crouses took us back on some very familiar roads.

Endless Days of Summer 2009

The Rabbers took us south to Nashville for this late summer run.

Hidden Drives 2004

Never one to take the short route to Nashville, Sara had us out in the woods.

Hidden Drives 2005

Off we go again to Nashville, looking for those hidden drives.

Hidden Drives 2012

A November tradition, this was the 10th running of our last drivimg event of the year.

Hidden Drives 2013

In 2013 it went to 11! (The eleventh Hidden Drives rally, that is.) We drove south, east, west and north ending up in Nashville (and found some new roads)!

Hidden Drives 2014

Once again, Sara J showed us the long way to get from Indy to Nashville.

Hidden Drives 2015

It was lucky thirteen as we had good roads and good weather! Leaving Trafalger we headed south through four counties east and south of Nashville and ended up back in Nashville .

Hidden Drives 2017

We left Indy and it took us 80 miles and 2 hours of driving to get to Nashville! (That happens when you take the fun roads....)

Hidden Drives 2018

A big turnout, so we had two different routes in Brown county and the Nashville area.

   Route 1    Route 2

Ho Hum Fun Run 2009

A run through counties south and west of Indy, ending up in Brownsburg.

Indy Poker Run 2007

Steve & Kathy Crouse gambled on us having a good time with this Poker Run.

Lake Monroe / Damon Bailey Tour 2006

We went by Damon Bailey's house!

Last Days of Freedom 2008

Ken and Joan asked us to join them in a rally before their last days of freedom ended with this run heading south and then west to Greencastle.

Madison Madness 2004

John and Marsha Schaub took us for an overnight trip down to Madison, IN and the Ohio River.

Madison Madness 2005

John and Marsha Schaub took us back down to Madison, IN for the weekend.

Madison Miata Mania 2011

Larry and Sabrena organized an August day trip down to Madison, IN.

Miatas Only Poker Run 2017

Steve and Kathy had us driving south past Martinsville and then back to Mooresville.

MMG Rerun Rally 2016

You know the saying... What's old is new again! Tom Lewis pulled this route down to Nashville (and beyone) from the archives and it's a classic!

More Miles of Smiles 2010

Herm and Steve find more roads down south for us to smile about.

Peach Cobbler 2002

Named after the Rally Master's favorite dessert, we zoomed around Morgan and Monroe counties.

Post Tax Blues Rally 2015

This years event was run without the Lake Effect Club, so we headed south.

Post Tax Blues Rally 2018

Ken and Sara Kohler turned our annual event into an overnight trip down to French Lick, where, if we were so inclined, could have hit the nearby casino with our tax refund!

Rattle Can Rally  2015

This was almost a rerun of the 2015 PTBR but without the rain, different roads and we had spray paint. Yep, the ralliers left their mark!

Run to the River 2004

Dennis and Hazel Moore led us down to Leavenworth, Indiana. The fun way of course!

Skyline Drive 2005

Bruce Hedden set up this route that started in Bloomington and ended up at Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge.

Sock Hop & Shine 2009

Steve and Barbara Cole mixed in cool cars, root beer, classic rock & roll music for their event that started in Greenwood.

Summer Solstice Sun Tour 2013

Ken and Joan Rabbers helped us celebrate the longest day of the year.

Southern Circles 2009

Steve and Herm team up again to make us dizzy and take us to their favorite cafeteria, Poe Brothers.

Speedy Gonzalez 2009

A drive down to Nashville on some of our favorite roads!

Shall We Gather at the River 2009

Larry and Sabrena Smith led us on an overnight adventure down to Vevay and the Ohio River.

Spring It On! 2018

Steve and Kathy Crouse took us on an overnight to Spring Mill State park and we explored the surrounding area. Look! A shoe tree!

   Saturday Morning

Sweet Owen / Greentucky Rally 2005

We started near Spencer and ended near Spencer as Don Jordan took us sight seeing on a sunny day in September.

This N That Miata Run 2011

In June, Steve and Kathy Crouse had us head Southwestward for a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Triston & Alexis's Brown County Rally

In 2015, Tristan and Alexis stepped up to host a rally that took us deep into Brown County, over to Columbus and after a lunch stop, back to Brown county.

Try This One 2012

Steve Myers starts us off in Spencer and we wander some great roads and end in Bedford.

Try this One 2 2013

Steve Myers starts us in Bloomington and takes us to Loogootee. As a bonus, he gives us routes to get back to Indy.