Remember that roads can change over time. What was once pavement might now be gravel!

Post Tax Blues Rally

Rally Master Alan Schwab took us on a run through the Wabash River Valley in the Lafayette area.

Not Quite Marietta

Rally Masters Ken & Sara Koehler couldn't make the Marietta, Ohio rally. In their version, they took us through Marietta, but in Indiana on the way to Edinburgh.

Best of Morgan County

Larry and Sabrina showed us the best and freshly paved roads!

Miatas Only Poker Run

Steve and Kathy Crouse gambled we'd have a good time on this rally that had us south of Mooresville and Martinsville.

Covered Bridge Rally

First time Rally Master Jon Stinson put together a great rally. We even went into Illinois!

Hidden Drives

We left Indy and it took us 80 miles and 2 hours of driving to get to Nashville! (That happens when you take the fun roads....)