President Dave Phares pens his first article for 2018, a review of the Holiday Party and the Motoring Challenge and a quick look ahead.


We talk about a lot of upcoming events and the "In Case of Emergency" form.


Dave continues his drive down memory lane. A report about Breakfasts and Classics and reminders of upcoming events.


President Dave laments the fact he's looking at snow and remembers going to the Drive-In and a reminder of two upcoming events, the Post Tax Blues Rally and Spring It On!


President Dave thanks Ken & Sara Koehler for their work on the Tax Blues event, a reminder about the "Spring it on" event and more.


President Dave talks about spring cleaning, we've got a review of the "Spring it On!" weekend, there's a report about the NB model years and Bob Wiley tells us about "Low & Slow" Miatas.


President Dave is missing, but our trusty editor steps in. Read about upcoming events, reviews of past events and more.


Interested in an Indy Miata Club windshield sticker? Details inside! There's information about three upcoming events and a review of the Brush Hero (another gadget for you!).


Reviews of the Five Bridge, Rush County Rally, the Wandering Out West Rally and the Drive Around, Drive In II event. Fun Times! Be sure to read the Holiday party information pages, too!


President Dave talks about transmissions, manuals and automatics, and their popularity. The Brickyard Mingle, Cars and Coffee and Cruising the County events are reviewed and reminders about Marietta Madness and the Holiday Party.


President Dave discusses roadsters, there's a review of Marietta Madness 18, and a reminder about signing up for the 2018 Holiday Party.


President Dave pens his last front page article, there's a review of the 2018 Hidden Drives, and an in depth review of why the Miata is the best driver's car for under $50K..

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