President Jim Seebeck pens his first article for 2019, a review of the Holiday Party and the Motoring Challenge and a quick look ahead.


An overnight event, Spring Brake Weekend, is announced. Hey! You! Read the article about stepping up to lead a rally or mingle!


A Review of the President's Luncheon, the continuation of how the 4th generation Miata was designed and photos of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. Wait! What?


"The Other Road" makes its debut (April Fool!), Part 3 of how the 4th generation Miata was designed (headlights!) and information concerning the "In Case of Emergency" form.


Jim gives us a story about Hiroshima (Mazda's hometown), reviews of the Post Tax Blues and Spring Brake Weekend events and more. Enjoy!


Jim tells us his trip to South Dakota, another Mazda Owner's story, and information of upcoming events.


A report from "The Tire Squeal" (Spoiler alert! IMC took 2nd place!) and upcoming events.


Was our President really driving a Miata in Europe? A report about the Just For Fun Poker Run and some of our members went on a CLR hunt in Colorado! (No! Not the household cleaning product! Read the article!)


The Roush Mazda Greet & Eat mingle was great, we had six Miatas in the Carmel Aotomobilia event, the CLR saga continues and a few reminders.


President Jim tells us about several smartphone apps that make traveling a bit easier, a review of Marietta Madness, the CLR story continues and a few reminders for members about upcoming events.


Tom writes about Marietta Madness, there was a Mystery tour and a review of the Hendricks County Historical Tour.


President Jim says farewell to 2019 and his presidency (Thanks Jim!) Hidden Drives continues and our annual reminder of "It's time to renew your membership!

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