2016 Open Road


Our new President Ken Koehler makes his front page debut. Included is a comparison of the Miata & Fiata, a report about the 2015 Holiday Party plus other news.


President Ken talks about preparing for a rally, a report from the President Lunch and more. 


Ken takes us down memory lane about road trips in their Miata, we meet a future member of the club, and more.


Our President talks about working on his Miata, a quick lesson on rotating your tires, and more.


Reports from the PTBR, Kentucky Cruisin' and more information for you.


Reports from Marietta Madness (Hey Tom! Where are your keys?), the 500 Mingle,  and other useful info.


Ken gives us a review of the Hammer Down Rally and Dave Phares gives us a report from his attendance at "Miatas at Myrtle Beach" and "Zoomin' the Mountains of East Tennessee".


President recounts the "musical miatas" happening among some club members, reports from the "MMG ReRun" and the "Brickyard 400 Mingle" and other goodies.


A review of our "International Rally" and a reminder that the Millionth Miata is visiting Indy!


The Millionth Miata built visited Indy and we signed it! Also, a report from the "St. Louis Fireworks Weekend".


A report from the "Night Before the Red Bull Air Race" mingle and a new event for 2017 is announced.


President Ken Koehler pens his last report for 2016 and we have reports about "Coffee and Classics" and the "Hidden Rattlecan" Rally.