President Gary Weidman welcomes us to another year of IMC, there's a review of the Holiday Party and of things to come. Look! A sneak peek of the ND?


President Gary Weidman reminisces of warmer weather and Tim Miller shows us that a Miata can have fun in the snow!


President Gary tells us about a fuel shortage he faced in his Miata and we get some hints about the next generation Miata. Check out some events for the coming season!


President Gary Weidman reminisces about attending regional event and there's a look at upcoming mingles. Two of our members got married!


Gary writes about cow tipping (what???). Tom Lewis steps up to the plate and Eric tells us about an open house at Chip Ganassi Racing.


Gary talks about trunk space when traveling. Lots of upcoming events, start planning now!


President Gary Weidman tells us about participating in Moss Motor's 2014 Motoring Challenge and we have reports on some events members participated in.


Gary talks about adding things to his Moss Motor's 2014 Motoring Challenge, we get a report on "Marietta Madness" and wait, there's a schematic of the 2016 Miata!


Gary tells us about car shows, there's excitement about the reveal of the 2016 MX-5 and it's never to early to reserve your spot at the 2014 IMC Holiday Party.


Gary Weidman needs you to volunteer! Long awaited picture and info on the 2016 MX-5!


Gary talks about car he's owned in the past and reviews of the Southern Illinois Wine Trail and the Booville Tour. Gary & Kathy Collings recount their adventures at the Miatas in Moab event.


Gary bids us farewell as he completes his presidency.There's a report on "the Hidden Drives event and upcoming events with the club and across the nation.