President Ken Rabbers makes his inaugural address, we talk about the 2012 Holiday Party and of things to come. Happy New Year!


A wide variety of things to read from how to wash your IMC clothing, Ken tells us of always being a 'car guy' and upcoming events.


President Ken Rabbers talks about doing a HPDE school. Do you know how to put your IMC magnet on your car? A few tips.


President Ken Rabbers shows us his MX-5's new interior, convertible top improvement is discussed and more


Our President drives IMS at speed(!), The Weekend in Leavenworth is reviewed and more.


Ken talks about exploring new roads, IMC visits IMS, and a reminder about Marietta Madness.


President Ken Rabbers tells us about organizing his first rally and we get some performance driving tips for your Miata.


Gary and Kathy Collings take us on a Great Western Adventure and we have a review of the much delayed Post Tax Blues Rally!


Gary and Kathy Collings continue their Great Western Adventure and there is a Miata trivia test for you if you can't drive your car.


President Ken talks about real car movies and Gary and Kathy continue their "21 motels in 21 days" western adventure. 


Gary and Kathy tell us how their Great Western Adventure ended, a review of the Indy Invades St. Louis event and a reminder to get your reservation in for the 2013 Holiday party. Have a good Thanksgiving!


President Ken Rabbers recaps the 2013 year, we have reviews of the last three rallies of the year and we look ahead at 2014 events.