President Jeff Evans makes his inaugural address, we talk about the Holiday Party and of things to come. Happy New Year!


Introducing 'Garage Talk", and upcoming events for 2012.


Our President tells us of the Bose-ectomy he preformed during the winter months, Garage Talk covers consuming oil and replacing timing belts, plus a recap of the Speedway Museum event.


The Garage Talk door opens and talks about different fluids and covers some ground for those who want just a tad more power under the hood. We have a review of a USB and power adapter for your car.


Our President has some interesting ideas this month, please read his front page article. He also continues his tale of a "Bose-ectomy". Mike talks about his battery and Sara J loves gadgets!


Our President has more interesting ideas this month, please read his front page article. He also finishes the tale of his "Bose-ectomy". We had our annual Post Tax Blues, there's a packing list for you and more.


A review of the fun Miata & Mini's rally,  engine clean-up, adjusting your mirrors and more...


There's an announcement from President Jeff Evans, reviews of recent rallies and a slight change in our Land's End store.


President Jeff updates us about the recent IMC Board of Directors meeting plus tells us about traveling to Maine in a Miata . We have reviews of Going in Circles and the Brickyard Mingle.


We get invaded by our St. Louis cousins, plus an article about "Roads of Convenience" and a shifty article.


President Jeff Evans tells us of a quick Miata drive he took and also talks about the club's past and future. If your electric windows are slow, there's an article about speeding them up.


President Jeff Evans bids us farewell (as President), a review of Hidden Drives X, and a preview of three events for 2013!