President Jack Cruse makes his inaugural address, we talk about the 2010 Holiday Party and of things to come.


A reminder of how to use the club web site, up coming events and help in choosing a brain bucket.


A special edition MX-5 is announced and a reminder of items to put back in your car..


No joke, driving season is here! A review of the March Madness event, get ready for the PTBR and 900,000 MX-5s!


A rookie rally master talks about his first rally - the PTBR and the Speedy Gonzales Regatta Rally is reviewed. Minutes of the Board of Director's meeting are presented.


We've got articles about the 500 Mingle and Steve and Herm's Southern Swing plus some of our members tried their hands at autocross.


We have reviews of two rallies this month, the "midweek Cruse" and the "This 'n That" rally. 


Tom writes a novella about the Marietta trip, a review of the Brickyard Mingle and our Open Road editor announces her retirement.


We played in and around Pluto's Playground and drove down to Madison.From the archives, we hear the story of "Blue and the Blonde".


Fred Hecker confesses to a love affair with a 21 year old, and the Covered Bridges/Newport rally is reviewed.


We've got a new way to get IMC branded clothing and information for the Hidden Drives rally and Holiday party.


This issue is missing in action, but we're looking for it...