Powers, Skip & Jackie

Powers, Skip & Jackie

2002 Classic Red & 2006 Galaxy Gray

It appears that more than a few Miata owners share a common thread. Their early history shows ownership of a sports car in the '50s or early '60s. I was no different. My first car was a used '58 MGA I bought in 1964 (600 bucks!) that got me around and about college and beyond. A wonderful car with idiosyncrasies that you learned to live with. But I ran it to death and reluctantly sold it in 1978.

And I missed it.

The hunger for a sporty two seater never went away and in August '06 I picked up a cream puff '02 Miata. Life can begin again!
Not to be outdone, Jackie picked up an '06 Galaxy Gray Mica Miata. Now our garage is graced with two Miatas.



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